noun \ˈfakt \

Definition of fact

Information about something that actually exists or has occurred. Note that the word “fact” does not refer to the physical object or the event itself, but only its description or the knowledge about it. The main problem of this definition lies in the word actually, which in most cases is merely a synonym for the word factually. The source of this circular reasoning is the memetic nature of the word fact. Moreover, different human kinds understand this word differently:

for Knowmen, this word means a meme, which majority of people recognize as something that has actual existence or occurrence. In a stratified society, Knowmen may use this word to identify a meme recognized in certain levels of society. The phrase “well-known fact,” which is an oxymoron, makes sense for the Knowmen. This definition adds more weight to the popular meme, makes it stronger.

for Masters, the meaning of this word is close to that used by the Knowmen. Masters often use the word fact to identify verified or proven information. For example, the phrase “scientific fact” makes sense for a particular group of Masters as a definition of the knowledge obtained using the scientific method.

for Ludens, this word makes sense only in the scope of personal experience. Information about an entity or an event received from another person is no longer a fact. It is just a meme that may require additional verification.

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