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The New Science Of Human Civilization

Vertical Progress

The scientific and technological progress of the last 100 years was phenomenal. And yet, when someone is trying to understand the nature of humans and our social behavior, the most common statement is: “humans are irrational.” This book is aimed at educated open-minded people with wide range of interests and experience who are looking for a better explanation of both the history of our civilization and the recent global social turbulence. It will attract the attention of anyone who likes an unordinary approach for solving complex problems.

This is not the first time when methods of information science are used to analyze natural or cultural phenomena. However, this is the first time when a computer model leads to the emergence of a rigorous scientific theory that explains the fascinating design of human society.

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Looking for the reason?

Since the 1960s, scientists have tried to predict what will happen to us. They use our steadily growing computer power to analyze more and more data. However, it seems the more data we collect, the less understanding we have. We have collected more than enough information. What we need is an idea.

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If you are traveling and your plane suddenly has an engine failure, you will hope that the pilots will do their best to land the plane and save the passengers. It would never occur to anyone to ask the passengers to vote on what the pilots should do.


Are you brainwashed?

Yes, I am asking you! Do you consider yourself a smart, educated, and rational person, or do you believe that the state and big media have brainwashed you since the day you were born?


The voting must stop

Every day, we see more evidence that democracy does not work in modern society. Forcing millions of people to follow rules they despise is far from justice. The more we do this, the less it works, and the story knows only one end to this process. I will say what many of us are thinking: we are heading to war. There is only one way to turn off this dangerous path...