verb, used with object \ ˈhāt \

noun, see hatred

Definition of hate

to experience a strong feeling of dislike, aversion or disgust. It may lead to hostility, fear and even depression. Hate is driven by the first human instinct. It is a strong emotion, caused mainly by disagreement. Hate is what you feel when you reject memes that may be correct but are incompatible with your existing worldview.

The first impulse forces you to seek the best and most useful knowledge. Basically, we hate only one thing—to be wrong. When the subject is not essential, or you have not yet formed your opinion, the learning process flow smoothly. But after you have spent a lot of time building your memetic structure, and the subject affects your well-being, then any disagreements makes you sick. That is hatred. Ideas cause that feeling, but we direct our hostility at the people who carry and support these ideas.

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