noun \ ˈin-tə-ˌlekt \

Definition of intellect

The ability to acquire and organize knowledge. It consists of the following:

  1. the ability to understand the information received, especially in a verbal form
  2. capacity for rational thought, the ability to reason. That includes pattern recognition, logic and abstract thinking.
  3. the ability to organize and classify knowledge by establishing relationships (links) between entities, such as part-whole, abstract-specific, parent-child, cause-effect, etc.

for Knowmen, words intellect and intelligence are synonyms. Both of them mean the ability to collect and understand information that, in most cases, comes from other people. Knowmen often equate the understanding to the ability to memorize a lot of facts. In many cases, they confuse the ability to reason with the skill of selecting the most credible (popular) memes.

for Masters and some Ludens: it is a function of consciousness that takes one beyond the facts as such, to suggest the reason, meaning or purpose.

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