model (draft)

noun \ ˈmä-dᵊl \

Definition of model

  1. obsolete : a set of plans for a building

  2. dialectal British : copy, image

  3. : structural design a home on the model of an old farmhouse

  4. : a usually miniature representation of something a plastic model of the human heart; also : a pattern of something to be made

  5. : an example for imitation or emulation his written addresses are models of clearness, logical order, and style —A. B. Noble

  6. : a person or thing that serves as a pattern for an artist; especially : one who poses for an artist His wife served as the model for many of his paintings.

  7. : archetype

  8. : an organism whose appearance a mimic imitates

  9. : one who is employed to display clothes or other merchandise has appeared as a model in ads for swimsuits

  10. a : a type or design of clothing girls, self-conscious in their Paris models —Paul Bowles b : a type or design of product (such as a car) offers eight new models for next year, including a completely restyled convertible

  11. : a description or analogy used to help visualize something (such as an atom) that cannot be directly observed

  12. : a system of postulates, data, and inferences presented as a mathematical description of an entity or state of affairs; also : a computer simulation (see simulation 3a) based on such a system climate models

  13. : version 2 an experimental model of a bionic arm

  14. : animal model

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