noun \ ˌprä-pə-ˈgan-də , ˌprō- \

Definition of propaganda

the sponsored or pushed spread of the selected group of memes for the purpose of recruiting supporters of specific ideas. Unlike the natural memetic process, when people seek knowledge and accept only those memes that have been thoroughly tested, propaganda offers a way to skip the testing phase.

Because Knowmen tend to conform to the majority opinion, the propagated memes have a great chance to bypass testing and gain public recognition as proven and reliable ideas. This effect makes propaganda a useful tool in the political struggle and economic competition.

Therefore, unlike the widely held opinion, propaganda is not only the spread of negative points and discrediting facts. The propagated ideas can also carry a positive message. The damage caused by propaganda does not come from the information itself, but from the fact that a large number of people accepts the memes without any verification.

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