noun \ ri-ˈspekt \

Definition of respect (one of them)

One of the meanings of the word respect is to indicate high or special regard, esteem. The word refers to a pure memetic arrangement. We use it to state our personal attitude toward memes received from a particular subject. It indicates a high level of trust in the quality of knowledge or experience. I respect him/her means that I trust their opinion based purely on the reputation or social state.

The word has several meanings. One of them describes high regard and high esteem that is based on the recognition of someone's merits and qualities. The word describes memetic relationships. It does not refer to the quality of the subject. Instead, it defines our attitude toward the memes received from the subject. Respect for a person means a high level of confidence in the quality of knowledge or experience of this person.

Knowmen respect others mainly based on their reputation or social status. In most cases, they respect public and historical figures, celebrities, or people with a title or high position. Knowmen rarely lose respect for someone, only based on his actions or statements. It requires universal criticism so that the Knowman loses respect for the idol.

Masters respect other masters. Their obsession with quality ensures that respect for the Master is rightfully deserved.

Ludens respect others randomly, at will. Each Luden has his own reasons to respect or to scorn another person. These reasons can change frequently, so it is very easy to lose the respect of Luden.

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