noun \ di-ˈmä-krə-sē \

Definition of democracy

plural democracies

The form of the organization of the society, in which everyone is forced to play by the rules instituted by the majority. The core principles of democracy stem from the natural conformity of the Knowmen and, therefore, give them an exorbitant advantage over the other two human kinds. Since the Knowmen are willingly submit to the will of the majority, any democratic society skews the natural memetic processes and thereby hinders progress.

According to Aristotle, democracy is a degrading stage of the ideal form of social organization - Polity. According to the ancient Greek philosopher, for democracy, “equality is above all things their aim, and therefore they ostracize and banish from the city for a time those who seem to predominate too much through their wealth, or the number of their friends, or through any other political influence.”

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