adjective \ ˈdəm \

Definition of dumb

The original meaning of this word applies to a person who cannot speak. The term also refers to a subject which is not able to process information or progress. When the word is referring to a person, it is a synonym for stupid. Here what this word means for each human kind:

for Knowmen, the word describes a person who cannot figure out the prevailing trend, does not know the well-known, does not follow the generally accepted rules. In other words, a stupid person learns poorly from others, is unable to process information received from the majority. As a result, a dumb person does not behave like everyone else, demonstrates a lack of common skills.

for Masters, the word describes anyone who has no patience for learning and self-improvement. Master Knowmen call dumb not the one who ignores the opinion of the majority, but those who ignore the wisdom of the masters.

for Ludens, the word describes the one who agrees with the majority opinion without thinking. In other words - the one who follows the crowd like a ram. Such a definition is almost the opposite of the one used by Knowmen. A Luden sincerely does not understand how anyone can ignore the facts and fail to make simple logical conclusions just because a large number of people think otherwise.

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