adjective \ ˈsmärt \

Definition of smart

It implies a high ability and capacity to think. Many characteristics make a person smart: broad knowledge, mental alertness, ability to quickly understand. A person may look smart if one speaks a lot, uses sophisticated words and complex phrases. The word smart is the antonym of the word dumb. Here what this word means for every human kind:

for Knowmen, a smart person has a vast knowledge of generally accepted facts. The ability to think logically, analyze, deduct and draw conclusions, Knowmen see as the product of erudition. One other ability that Knowmen take as a sign of smartness is the ability to recognize patterns. That is why the IQ score is so important for Knowmen.

for Masters, a smart person is one who can foresee what will happen. Masters appreciate the knowledge and skills that one acquires through personal experience, and not in the classroom. They too have high regards for pattern recognition skills and respect people with a high IQ score.

for Ludens, this word describes a person who can produce interesting ideas. Vast knowledge, ability to think logically, pattern recognition, artistry, and intuition - all these characteristics are useful for the person who rethink the existing things and invent new ones. Official forms o social acceptance, such as grades, diplomas, degrees, awards, and public recognition in general, means little to a Luden.

See also: intellect, intelligence

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